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Live Fast, Have Fun

be a bit mischievous

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2012 Holiday Fic Gifts!
This has been a post shamelessly stolen frombloodofpykeso I do hope she forgives me.

Basically there's really not much more to this than you pick a date, a pairing and suggest some idea of what you want me to write and I will write you a 500-1000ish word fic just for you as a holiday present. If you need to know anything about what I write, feel free to check my fic list or ask me about it. Feel free to request here or on Tumblr. I promise I don't bite.

Tis the season! (:

December 17th:
December 18th:
December 19th:
December 20th:
December 21st:
December 22nd:
December 23rd:
December 24th:
December 25th:
December 26th:
December 27th:
December 28th:
December 29th:
December 30th:
December 31st:
January 1st:
January 2nd:
January 3rd:
January 4th:
January 5th:
January 6th:
January 7th:
January 8th:
January 9th:
January 10th:


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