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Live Fast, Have Fun

be a bit mischievous

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Kiss Bingo Card
Last card, I swear...maybe... kissbingo  is cute and kissable, so you know I had to go snag a card from there! :D
If you want to request or claim a prompt for yourself, I won't say no, and if I do, smack me across the face.

emotion: love
body: ears
experimental: three-way
face: nose
other: staged
body: belly
other: to wake them up
type: rough
face: temple
location: under the mistletoe
type: dirty
other: to shut them up
type: emoticon (:*)
type: butterfly
body: chest
face: eyelids
type: Eskimo
experimental: hickey
face: cheeks
location: daydream
other: near-death
location: on a date
location: dream

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Can I request Tokio Hotel, Bill/Tom, other: to shut them up? (Preferably Tom shutting Bill up but I wouldn't turn down Bill shutting up Tom!)

Also, trying very hard to resist this. I love kisses. Think I'll ask the TH people on my flist to pimp this so that there can hopefully be some TH kiss fics =D

absolutely. I shall write that for you! :D I need to write me more TH slash anyway. :P (Thanks for giving me an excuse to do so!)

Pimp it! As a loving moderator, I say PIMP IT! :D


Yes! More TH slash! More!

That is friggin gorgeous!! Where did you get the image for the Wild Card?!!

I googled rainbow on some avatar site and that's what it gave me (:

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