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Live Fast, Have Fun

be a bit mischievous

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Doctor Who Post Table
Basically the goal is for me to write some Doctor Who slash, so here I am, attempting to do just that with this table. Kidnapped fromsound_of_drums , my goal is to write some lovely Doctor/Master and Doctor/Jack and just plain old Doctor or Master or Jack fics, so wish me luck!

006.Better Than Me007.Be Yourself008.Drama009.Black Days010.Let Down
011.Tainted012.Ignore013.Battlefield014.Falling Apart015.To Many Times
016.That’s Okay017.Doctor018.Carefree019.It Can’t Be Done020.Wormhole
021.Time And Space022.Silence023.I Miss You024.Other World025.Silence
026.Grow Old027.Damn028.I’m Okay029.Morning After030.Re-entry
031.SOS032.Hurt033.Personal034.Bloody035.Last words
036.Confess037.I Didn’t Know038.Reach Out039.Facts040.To Die For
041.Insatiable042.Nothing At All043.Victory044.Lonely Day045.Shiver
046.Harder047.Troubled Times048.Sweetest049.Alone At Last050.For You

Also, if you want to claim a prompt, nobody's stopping you! Just point to the number and it's yours.

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ooh, these are lovely prompts. Hope you don't mind me friending you?

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