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Live Fast, Have Fun

be a bit mischievous

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100 Drabbles of Summer
100 Drabbles of Summer, aka 100 drabbles in 99 days, aka 100 drabbles in less than that because I started late. See below the cut for the table.
All Prompts below the line are Author's Choices.

For Reference

1. Vacation: Let's Run Away Together - Brendon/Ryan (Panic! at the Disco/The Young Veins) 
2. Fireworks: Once More - Jack/Ianto (Torchwood) 
3. Camp: Good Among Bad - Trace/Mason (Metro Station) 
4. Bug: Speak For Me, Please - Quin/Maxxie (Original) 
5. Wrath: Disruptive Storms - House/Chase (House M.D.) 
6. Pride: There's Enough for the Both of Us - Tony/Maxxie (Skins) 
7. Sloth: The Not So Lazy Summer Days - John/Travis (The Maine/We The Kings)  
8. Greed: Greed will Get You Nowhere - Arthur/Cobb (Inception) 
9. Lust: A Darker Craving - Master/Jack (Doctor Who/Torchwood) 
10. Envy: Untrustable - Danny/Dougie (McFly) 
11. Gluttony
12. Chastity: The Trouble With Purity - Alex/Chris (All Time Low/Nevershoutnever!) 
13. Temperance
14. Charity
15. Diligence: Love is a Workout - Gabe/Jack (Cobra Starship/All Time Low) 
16. Patience
17. Kindness: You Won't Want This Hello - Doctor/Jack (Doctor Who/Torchwood) 
18. Humility
19. Twilight: My Boyfriend Will Not Sparkle - Gabe/William (Cobra Starship/The Academy Is...) 
20. Dawn: Please Don't Leave Me - Rian/Alex (All Time Low) 
21. The first thing you broke
22. Storm: I'll Cover You - Chris/Jordan (Nevershoutnever!/The Ready Set) 
23. Dog Days
24. Shore: Home - Bill/Tom (Tokio Hotel)
25. The last time you loved: Such Foolish People - Doctor/Master (Doctor Who) 
26. Heat
27. Significant: It's Her Hair, Her Smile - Hayley/Cassadee (Paramore/Hey Monday) 
28. Insignificant: Let Me Get What I Want - Ronnie/Max (Escape the Fate) 
29. The Kindness (or not) of Strangers
30. Stitches:  It All Falls Apart - Eminem
31. Summer Cold: Chicken Soup for the Brendon's Soul - Brendon/Spencer (Panic! at the Disco) 
32. Road Trip: I'll Decide For You - Alex/Matt (All Time Low) 
33. The last thing you lost
34. Tune
35. Burn: It's Good to Care - Finn/Kurt (Glee) 
36. Ring: An Unexpected Marriage Proposal - Kyle/Caleb (Forever the Sickest Kids) 
37. A strange sound
38. Sticky
39. Superstition
40. Breakdown
41. Run-in with Neighbors: This is a Bad Time - Oli/Tom (Bring Me The Horizon) 
42. Travel Troubles: I'll Argue With You - Pat/Nate (Sing it Loud) 
43. Pitching a Tent
44. Baggage: A Heavy Weight - Eames (Inception) 
45. The last time you were late: You Can't Break The Air - Oli Sykes (Bring Me The Horizon) 
46. Endings: Won't Say I'm in Love - Zack/Alex (All Time Low) 
47. A summer sport
48. Revelation: Prove Me Wrong - Jack/Alex (All Time Low) 
49. Accidental discovery
50. Treasure
51. Picture of ants on a picnic blanket : Surprise Visitors - Cam/Eric (The Downtown Fiction)
52. Picture of a grill full of barbecued food
53. Picture of a box of old photographs : Remember December - Original
54. Picture of a broken clock
55. Picture of a red Chinese lantern: Bribery Always Works - Georg/Gustav (Tokio Hotel)
56. Picture of crossroads in a forest : 'X' Marks the Spot - Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy)
57. Picture of dandelion and seeds
58. Picture of brightly-lit Ferris wheel
59. Picture of man fishing
60. Picture of a big frog
61. Picture of fruit salad : Picky Eaters Never Win - Shaun/Andy (Short Stack)
62. Picture of hermit crab in his shell
63. Picture of ice cream dropped on sand : Good Deeds - Brendon Urie (Panic! at the Disco)
64. Picture of glass of iced tea : Conniving Coworkers - Dennis Booker/Doug Penhall (21 Jump Street)
65. Picture of floating life preserver
66. Picture of red balloon : Love of a Brother - Sam/Dean (Supernatural)
67. Picture of palm tree bent nearly horizontal
68. Picture of silhouettes jumping off pier : Lighter Than Air - OMC, OFC
69. Picture of return to Sender on envelope : Won't Wish You Were Here - Alex/Kyle (All Time Low/Forever the Sickest Kids)
70. Picture of sailboat against colorful sunset
71. Picture of elaborate sandcastle
72. Picture of a seashell : Reminder of Love - Sora/Riku (Kingdom Hearts)
73. Picture of shooting star at dusk : Who Knew Hate Meant Love? - Harry/Draco (Harry Potter)
74. Picture of some unusual sunbathers
75. Picture of kid with goggles swimming underwater
76. Denial: Scent of Denial - Buddy/Eric (That 70s Show) 
77. Ivy: There's More to Living Than Being Alive - Captain Jack Harkness (Torchwood) 
78. Author's choice
79. Useful to Me (Picture): I Wish You Could See It - Tony/Effy (Skins) 
80. Smile: I Love Your Smile - Hale/Keyton (Original Characters) 
81. In Love With Two Sets of Arms- A Tale of the Other Man's Chance
82. Author's choice
83. Third Person: Off Button - Cameron/David (The Downtown Fiction)
84. One: Two of Us - John/Paul (The Beatles) 
85. Alone: Survival is Key - Arthur (Inception) 
86. Author's choice
87. Stop: Never Trust a Liar - Tom Hanson (21 Jump Street) 
88. Author's choice
89. Guilt: Brilliant Colours - Cobb, Phillipa, James (Inception) 
90. Author's choice
91. Soulmates: Broken Promises - OMC/OMC 
92. Author's choice
93. Desire: Undisclosed Desires - Cobb/Chip (Inception) 
94. Author's choice
95. Goodbye: 4 AM Forever - Dr. Ian McPhearson (Original) 
96. Author's choice
97. Halfway: Halfway There - Kendall/James (Big TIme Rush) 
98. Author's choice
99. Practice: Practice Makes Perfect - Arthur/Eames (Inception) 
100. Author's choice