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My writing is horrible and you have been warned.

Fanfiction Archives


All Time Low
Mixed Feelings - Mutiple Pairings (standalone series; in progress)
One Last Candle (Carry Me Through/Slipping From My Grip) - Jalex  (complete)
A Penny a Day Keeps the Alex at Bay - Jalex (standalone)
Kampf Der Liebe (Pain of Love) - Jalex (standalone)
A Means of Escape - Jalex (standalone)
Get Down With The Fetish - Jalex (stanalone as of now)
Will His Wings to Fly - Jalex (standlaone)
Never Felt More Alone - Zalex (two parter, incomplete)
A Façade of the Heart - Jalex (standalone)
We'll Be a Dream - Jalex (standalone)
Can I Haz Unicorn!? - Alex/Jack, Zack/Rian (standalone)
Catch the Copy Boy - Jalex (unfinished standalone)

Bring Me The Horizon
Rumours - Sykescest (standalone)

Our Love Will Last Forever - Calex (complete, Part One of Series)
A Trip Through The Internet - Calex (complete, Part Two of Series)
F me in the A with your P for Posting These - Calex (complete) (Caleb is God Post)
Shattered Youth - Kylex (temporary hiatus)

The Downtown Fiction
What About Now - Daveric, Cameric (permanent hiatus)

Dare to Dream - Cameric (standalone)
Starless Day - Cameric (standalone)
Mischievous Antics - Cameric (standalone)
Heartbreaks and It's Too Late - Cameric (standalone)
We've Dug a Deep Hole - David/Adam Lambert (standalone)

Escape the Fate
Lost Forever - Radeen (standalone)

Forever the Sickest Kids
Don't Pull Off My Wings - Kyleb (standalone)
Gentle Touches and Kind Words - Kyleb (standalone)

Fueled By Ramen

Lost Until Found - Gabilliam (complete)
Let The Wind Blow - Nalex, Gabilliam (hiatus)
Always Be - Nalex (standalone)

Jonas Brothers
Jersey Boy - Jovin (permanent hiatus)
Wyckoff - Jovin (permanent hiatus)
Purity Disaster - Nick Jonas/Russell Brand (permanent hiatus)
My Princess - Jovin (standalone)
Just Believe - Jovin (standalone)
Into the Dark - Jovin (standalone)

With Hands Held High - Jovin (standalone)
A Brilliant Birthday - Jovinick (standalone)
Think on It - Jovin (snippet standalones)
Oh My Love - Jovin (standalone 1/2)
All My Life - Jovin (standalone 2/2)
Flourescent Watermelons - Jovin (standalone)
Eternity - General Jonas (standalone)

Love is all that Matters - Danny/Dougie (standalone)

One Direction
black & gold - Louis/Harry (standalone)
i feel like drowning - Louis/Harry (standalone)
forever & always - Louis/Harry (standalone)
i think of only you - Zayn/Liam, Danielle/Liam (standalone)
chasing the sun - Louis/Harry, Zayn/Liam(/Niall) (Part 1 of 2)
settle down with me - Louis/Harry but general at the same time (standalone)
dreamatique - Liam/Louis (standalone)
small bump - Louis/Eleanor, Harry/Louis, possible Harry/Liam, possible others (in progress)
already flown away - Harry/Louis (standalone)
trapped in cages, stumbling on lies - Harry/Louis, fake!ot5 (standalone)
take me away to someplace real - Niall-centric, hints of ot5 (standalone)
sometimes we just fall together - Harry/Louis (standalone)
this house no longer feels like home - Zayn/Liam, Harry/Louis (standalone)
soft serenades - Liam & Louis [kind of Liam/Louis] (standalone)
believe - Niall/Justin Bieber (standalone
you can't fix what's shattered - Zayn/Liam (standalone)
give a little love - Zayn/Liam, Harry/Louis(/Niall?) (standalone)

Short Stack
Lackluster - Shaun/Andy (standalone)
U.S.S.M. (Unidentified Short Stack Member) - Shaun/Andy (standalone)

Sing It Loud
Once Upon a Sparkling Night - Pat/Nate (standalone)


Harry Potter
Finding You - Harry/Draco (standalone)

Say Goodbye - Arthur/Cobb (standalone)
Late Night Dreams - Arthur/Eames (standalone)
inception_claim</lj>  prompt table - Arthur/Eames (standalones)
50ficlets</lj>  prompt table - Arthur/Eames (standalones)
inception100</lj>  prompt table - Arthur/Eames (drabbles)

The Social Network
Jacketz (With a 'Z') - Mark/Wardo (standalone)

TV Shows

Gossip Girl
"Ring" in Christmas - Chate (standalone)

iDate a Gay Boy - Spiffin (standalone)

When the Grave Speaks - Simon/Nathan (standalone)

Sonny With a Chance
Never Meant to Start a War - Channy (standalone)

One Perfect Night - Wincest (standalone)

Teen Wolf
safe from nightmares - Jackson/Danny (standalone)

Prompt Tables

hc_bingo</lj>  Bingo Card - Inception, All Time Low (standalones)
schmoop_bingo</lj>  Bingo Card - The Social Network (standalones)
kissbingo</lj>  Bingo Card - All Time Low (standalones)
100 Drabbles of Summer - Various Pairings (drabbles)
wtf27</lj>  Prompt Table - Various Pairings (standalones)
Doctor Who Prompt Table - Doctor/Master, Doctor/Jack (standalones)
hs_bingo</lj>  Bingo Card - Various Pairings (standalones)


It's Just a Feeling - Sam/Dean (Supernatural), Gabe/William (Cobra Starship, The Academy Is...), Alex/Nate (Cobra Starship), Pete/Patrick (Fall Out Boy), Nate/Pat (Sing It Loud), Cameron/Eric (The Downtown Fiction), Bill/Tom (Tokio Hotel), Brendon/Ryan (Panic At The Disco) {Drabbles)
I Will Be Around - Connor/Lenny (Read it and Weep) (Standalone)
Best Part of Believe is the LIe - Jack/Alex (All Time Low), Kyle/Caleb (Forever the Sickest Kids), Gabe/William (Cobra Starship/The Academy Is...), John/Travis (The Maine, We the Kings), Pete/Patrick (Fall Out Boy), Pat/Nate (Sing it Loud), Brendon/Ryan (Panic(!) at the Disco), Cameron/Eric (The Downtown Fiction)
A Hotel in Tokio - Jack/Alex (All Time Low), Jack/Gabe (All Time Low/Cobra Starship), Zack/Alex (All Time Low), Alex/Caleb (All Time Low/Forever the Sickest Kids)
Sister of the Year - Gabe Saporta/Jack Barakat (Cobra Starship/All Time Low), Casey Saporta/Shaun Saporta (Original Characters), Alexis Saporta/Connor Owens (Original Characters)
Brit Slash:George Craig/Owen Strathern
Untitled (Jewnicorns in Love) - Jesse Eisenberg/Andrew Garfield (standalone)


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